Friday, April 27, 2012


City Center feat. Fred Thomas live @ Vertigo Music - Record Store Day 2012 from A.T. Kolkman on Vimeo.
Here is a video of my set from last weekend's Record Store Day jam in Grand Rapids. Unprepared and subdued as hell, this 10 minute set wasn't the most visually stimulating performance I've ever done, but it was fun! I was playing drums on a mini-tour with Drunken Barn Dance and this was set #4 of what ended up being nine total sets played in a five day period.

Songs: Thaw, Are You Kissing Anyone?, Obvious

Saturday, April 7, 2012

All Dizawgs Go To Heaven

At the end of February Damned Dogs ventured east to do our first ever New York area gigs. Amber and I along with an accompanying Shelley left from Ypsilanti at 8pm on a Thursday night, driving all night through boring ass Pennsylvania and the snowy Poconos mountains, getting in to Harlem at 7am. It was intense, for sure, but totally worth it. We did a gig at the New Museum as part of their Get Weird music series.


Soft Circle jammed as well! They did a just electronics set, no drum kit. It was pretty stellar.

We recorded a new cassette just for the trip and sold most of them. It's called "Island Scars" and you can download it here.
 ENEMIES!! (Jk, the New Museum had some really incredible work up for their trienneal.)

We also got over to Lamonte Young's DREAM HOUSE, which was a beautiful and meditative place. Loud, low tones in a mostly empty room. People sleeping, sitting, thinking, rolling, etc.  in stillness.
Next night was a house show in Brooklyn, Living Room style!!
On the way out of town we gripped food at Imhotep, an amazing vegan soul food spot in Crown Heights. Serious healing dishes!!

Walking the walk through the Ohio roadside waste-stations.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012