Monday, January 9, 2012

Silver Cycles

Above: Passed out as hell in the van, somewhere in Europe, 2005. 
Below: Merchandise table in Baltimore, fall 2003. 

I've been transferring (actual) hundreds of cassette four-track masters and last night I came across an unmarked cassette that was probably from 2000 or 2001. Along with two horrendously boring instrumentals, there was a lost take of my friend Tim Sendra from Veronica Lake, Madison Electric and currently Santa Monica Swim & Dive Club doing the vocals for an early version of what would become "No Good With Secrets" on Saturday Looks Good To Me's All Your Summer Songs record.  In the end Matt Smith from Outrageous Cherry ended up singing the version that ended up on the record, but I did a mix of Tim's track and here it is, downloadable below. I remember this song was vaguely about a severe in-the-closet love affair, but like a lot of my early songs, I'm not sure that the meaning came through loud and/or clear. This version has somewhat different lyrics and no string section. Not a lot of stuff from that early SLGTM time didn't get released somewhere, so it's astonishing that this slipped through the cracks for so long.

Saturday Looks Good To Me "No Good With Secrets" (Tim Sendra Vocals)


  1. Fred, there's not a single thing on that table that I don't own, except for the price list.

    I asked you about this song once, in really vague terms. I wanted to know why you wrote so many songs about secrets and gossip. I think you said something like "Well... that's just life, you know?"

  2. this is great, i hope to hear more from these 4 trax!!!