Friday, January 27, 2012

Electric Chair

The past two days Swimsuit has come out from under our rock to play a few really fun shows. The first one on Wednesday night was in Ann Arbor with our friends Bad Indians and Gardens.

B'Indians all blurry and demonic.

Gardens from Detroit in a LEGALIZE IT fashion. They're back to a three piece, down from a quartet. They sounded amazing.
On Thursday we played in Detroit. Two punk shows and it's not even the weekend yet. Fake Surfers were so young they had to get X'd up. Pretty sure they were not straightedege.

Scott Davidson from Butt Babies treein' the bees.

Bleached from LA played. They have some ex Mika Miko people in the band and their records are really good, their live show was pretty cool. They were selling their newest 7" for $10 which is something I couldn't really comprehend, but didn't wanna waste any time thinking about. Maybe it's an LA thing. God, the restaurants in LA are so good. Pure Luck was a place that recently closed, and Vice took us there while we were on tour the week before they shut down. Because it was nearing the end, the waitress hooked us up insanely and five people ate like royalty for $30. Or three 7"s!!!

Thanks to the computer age, you can watch the entire Swimsuit set (and all the other sets) from last night below!
Everyone was happy.

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