Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Defects Mirror

 Halloween was a slow, stilted blast as this year it did NOT fall on a weekend, and the stretched-out lead up to the lazy Monday trick-or-treating ended up feeling like a languid haunting. I guess that's appropriate. There was a killer Damned Dogs gig with Anonymous Touch, Daytime Television, Milky Villagers and Scared To Death on Devil's Night in Ann Arbor, as well as an Absolute Beginners on Tuesday where I jammed solo, as did Annie Palmer. Other stuff happened, but it's all a blur now. Things were beautiful, then faded, then regrouped. There was free PBR in the basement hallway of the comic book shop, most people seemed in good spirits. I went as a zebra.

I worked on this zine all summer called DEFECTS MIRROR and it's finally done and available to the public, or the segment of the public that still believes in printed matter/things held/etc. A full write up and ordering information are over here. Only 100 made, it is strange, weird, loving and lost.

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