Tuesday, August 30, 2011

PNW Days

Just back to Michigan for a minute from a highly productive end-of-summer stance in the Pacific Northwest. I was there for a few months and Amber came out for the last couple weeks. Apart from Damned Dogs doing a few really incredible tide-turning sets, we got to spend some time at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia working on some songs with Chain & The Gang. Not sure where these sounds will end up or what they're for, but we put down about three tracks and also finished up a Swimsuit session that we started there on tour. Our ode to a 12-year-old girl in the 80's who made the best no-wave/outsider disco record of all time, "Chandra" is a big-beat danger jam in the style of Bush Tetras, Lizzie Mercier Descloux and Chandra herself. I think it may be a 7" on K at some point, and it's one of our funnest live jams.

In Olympia by night there was a gig at Dumpster Values with Broken Water & Grass Widow. I'd never seen Broken Water before, though my friend Konako plays drums/sings, and jesus, they were amazing. I'd heard them described before as "all the good '90's bands at once", and that might not be too far off. Heavy MBV/Sonic Youth guitar bend dream vibes, and this show was oddly emo in spirit.. heaviness and family members in attendance. I was trying not to cry for a lot of it and it felt great. Grass Widow was cool, too and closed their set with a Wire cover.

Damned Dogs also did a gig in Portland with Joey Casio and others, and did some recording for a tape that I'll post something about next. There was also some pretty amazing nature to be seen, and we slept in the woods near a river and on the beach where the Twilight movies were filmed. But more about that next time. For now, I am back in the mitten trying to catch up with the airport blues.

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