Wednesday, August 24, 2011


"Aloud" is the new record by Advrb, my friend Andrew Barton's songs, fleshed out and made strange, glowing and expansive by a host of different players and collaborators. I met Andrew in 2003 when he and some of his friends came to a Saturday gig in Eugene, Oregon. Thing is, they were all underage and the place we played was 21+ and not having it, so we arranged it so we would play right by the door instead of on the stage so the kids outside could see and hear the show as well without actually entering the bar. Sticking it very softly and politely to the man. Over the years 'Drew and I kept in touch and he would share some of his releases with me sporadically. He's done a bunch, and they've come fast and furiously, but "Aloud" he's spent a long long long time working on in various locations and states of life. It's one of those many-year-diary/spiritual journey kind of jams, and it turned out really shimmering, dense and beautiful. I mastered the record, and got to know it inside out, and I hope anyone reading this will check it out. The whole thing is streaming over here on the group's bandcamp, and you can buy a cassette version there until it sees a wider release.

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